We Collaborate

For Better Outcomes

Collaboration is key to design process, we seek to inspire creativity and will work with you to brainstorm ideas and provide creative direction. 

Facilitating our clients to better understand the value of design as a means to strengthen their company’s offering be it a website, brand or logo design solution or printed marketing material is an exciting and engaging experience. When our clients engage in the creative design process, they become actively invested in their projects. We believe that ‘designing with you’ is more beneficial than ‘designing for you’. This can be a very rewarding experience for those who enjoy being part of the process, yet want a facilitated approach, guided by our knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Sandra Reid Design Workshop Facilitator

How We

Approach Our Work

We Research

We listen to understand and gain insight.

Getting to know your business or organisation’s design needs happens in the research phase, through listening to you and carrying out an analysis of what you offer. We ask lots of questions to gain insight which informs our design decisions.

We believe that you are the experts of the products and services that you offer. It’s our job to understand, define and then design what you want your website, brand identity, or graphic design visuals to do.

Together, we collaborate to make better-designed outcomes for your business, to help you be more successful at what you do.

We Define and Design

We work with you, to identify problems, define design requirements, and to develop a common shared vision for your project.

For a website, this takes shape in the form of a document that outlines the main problem and what needs to be done.  It includes the website’s architectural structure, the site functionality, any features based on your website visitor’s needs and expectations, written content, images, and keywords and phrases you want your site to be found for (SEO).

A design brief is drafted for websites, printed graphic design work, and brand identity design solutions. You will receive mock-up design proposals, based on understanding and creative insights, that we have developed through research. During design process, we seek to inspire and develop a creative solution to match and exceed your expectations.

We Deliver

Approved design proposals are further developed into fully functioning products ready for testing in the real world.

For websites, this means we build and test your website in adherence to current usability best practices. We encourage the person who will be updating your website to take part in the usability testing phase as a means to become familiar and prepared to manage it. The testing phase is from both the perspective of the website administrator and from your end-user’s perspective – where we seek to imagine how your customers or clients will experience your website.

For brand identity solutions and graphic design print work, it means we liaise with printers to produce samples of your design work, that can be tested and proofread prior to going to final print production.

We Support

Once a website is live on the internet, that is only the beginning of your journey as a business owner with it. To be successful, your website needs to be monitored and kept up to date with content, to keep it alive and provide ongoing value to your clients. Many businesses don’t have the time or capacity to maintain their own website. Zofo Creative can support your business to maintain its online presence so that you don’t have to.

Talk to Sandra today on 087 7762 987 to arrange details and a maintenance package that suits your business needs.

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