Colclough Walled Garden

Design Brief

The walled garden at Tintern Abbey is a gem in Co. Wexford.

Alan Ryan the manager of Colclough Walled Garden wanted a suite of marketing materials to promote the garden. This included an identity logo, a brochure, a brochure website and wayfinding signage along with a map.  The marketing materials needed to reflect the history of the garden within its environs of Tintern Abbey.

Worded messaging was also required to sensitize visitors to the special place that Colclough Walled Garden is.

A brochure was needed to promote the garden and for visitors to take away from their visit. Alan asked for the design of the brochure to be ‘something special’ as it needed to convey the richly layered history and beauty of the garden, while also being contemporary in design. Similarly, the identity logo, had to reflect the garden’s historical past and pay homage to the Colclough Family.

Designed Solution

History was the inspiration for the design of the marketing materials for Colclough Walled Garden.

We developed messaging, ‘Explore your natural senses’ to evoke a sensorial experience for visitors, that would resonate with their tactile, visual, olfactory and auditory senses while in the garden, while also grounding their physical presence in the historical restoration.

For the identity logo, an eagle was chosen as the main visual motif. Alan sent photographs of a carved stone eagle he had sourced in old records. The logo was designed as a crest motif, complete with eagle and gardner’s forks, surrounded by circular typography. It was created in Adobe Illustrator ready for professional print production and online display.

For the brochure, brickwork motifs, flying eagles, and scans of historical letters aided a ‘layered’ idea to build a sense of history and depth.

The colours chosen complimented the new identity logo design, while giving an earthy yet contemporary look and feel.

For Wayfinding and Signage, vector maps were created in Illustrator to show visitors how to find the garden within the grounds of Tintern Abbey and also within County Wexford. An ordnance survey map was used as the basis from which to create new and accurate graphically designed maps.

Photography and scanned images were edited in Photoshop. Crosbie Printers in Wexford we appointed for professional print production.

Alan is really happy with the resulting design work. The brochure has since been updated and translated into several languages.

I was extremely impressed by Sandra’s high standard of service and design quality. There was no hard sell and Sandra created a design exactly to my specifications within the agreed time frame. I am delighted with the resulting logo, brochure & signage. I appreciated Sandra’s patience and non-intrusive guidance at each stage of the process and the quick turn-around in communication. Thank you for a great experience


Alan Ryan – Manager Colclough Walled Garden, Hook Tourism.

Map to Colclough Walled Map within Tintern Abbey Co. Wexford
Colclough Walled Garden Brochure Design
Colclough Walled Garden Brochure Design