Gratitude Massage & Reflexology

Design Brief

Gratitude Massage and Reflexology is an holistic therapy that treats the whole body, it’s not just a massage or reflexology treatment. Gratitude Massage & Reflexology wanted an identity design and brochure to portray their services and the benefit of their treatments for both mind and body. The identity needed to reflect the ‘hands-on’ aspect of what the business offers. The brochure needed to explain the services. The design brief was open to interpretation, we, therefore, needed to inspire and deliver a designed solution to reflect the business offering.

Designed Solution

For the identity design, a stylised design of hands when placed together was developed to reveal a ‘heartfelt’ image in the negative space of the icon’s design. The rounded letterforms of the main typography of Gratitude, have a lightness and flow suggesting continuity, which is in keeping with Gratitude’s approach and view of treating the whole body.

The concept for the identity design is derived from the hands-on experience one receives when they visit Gratitude Massage & Reflexology. Anne the business owner, wanted to embue a real sense of the meaning of the word ‘gratitude’ into the identity design. Apart from the idea of hands being the tools of the trade, the logo icon was designed to represent the hands that incorporate the shape of a heart, which connects with Anne’s heartfelt approach to her work and her deep sense of the importance of being thankful every day – of being full of ‘Gratitude’.

Gratitude Colour Meanings
Gratitude full colour logo design
Gratitude orange colour logo design
Gratitude green colour logo design
Gratitude Gift Voucher
Gratitude Brochure front
Gratitude Brochure back