Nicholas Mernagh Architects

Design Brief

Nicholas Mernagh Architects wanted a typography-based identity design that immediately ‘spoke architecture. The new identity design needed to be simple enough to read well across all professionally printed marketing materials to online media including email signatures and the website.

The design also needed to work in black and white as well as colour.

We were asked to design business cards, headed stationery, complimentary slips,  and onsite signage.

Brand guidelines were also required, to enable implementation of the new identity across existing and future materials.


Designed Solution

For the brand identity design, the concept centered around simple clean lines and the idea of a door opening. The ‘A’ letterforms within ‘Nicholas Mernagh’ and “NMA’ were adapted and modified to include a square block shape, to signify a door opening within a building.

The designed solution is a strong typographic mark with a modified Pirulen typestyle, complimented with the clean lines of classic Futura for the strapline.

The colour blue was chosen as an accent colour, as the company wanted their new identity to show reliability and professionalism in architecture.

Nicholas Mernagh Architects Brand Identity Stationery Suite
Brand Guidelines Booklet