Priority Drilling

Design Brief

Priority Drilling is an established Irish drilling company, based in Galway. They operate across Ireland, the UK and Western Europe. A new website was required to reposition Priority Drilling in relation to their competitors and to give new and existing clients an up-to-date representation of the drilling services they provide.

The company wanted an engaging website design to draw visitors in, and to provide a means to reward employees for their ‘good ideas for safety engagement’ programme. This is an incentivised programme to create greater awareness of safety on drilling sites. In exchange for employees’ good ideas and ways of improving safety processes, employees are rewarded with Priority Points that they can spend online. The administrator of the website needed to be able to update the rewards area easily and allocate points to registered employees who took part in the programme.

The site needed to be optimised for keywords and phrases so that Priority Drilling could be found easily in search engines.

Designed Solution

Visual Look and Feel – The User Interface Design

We worked closely with Corry and Michael from Priority Drilling to achieve what they wanted in their new website. The company’s existing logo informed a minimalist colour pallet, of green, light grey and black set into a light grey grid structure. This framed the video footage, key messaging and illustrations. Typographic animations were designed to engage visitors without overloading them with unnecessary screen distractions. Usability is considered by giving website visitors controls over the video content.

Responsive Website Design

The website resizes to accommodate different devices and screen sizes. The design of the navigation menu provides a clean user interface so as not to distract from the main focus of the photography, video footage, illustrations and key messages.

Platform and E-Commerce Solution – Technical Integration

The website design is built into WordPress Content Management System, this gives the company the ability to update it themselves. The employee rewards area required an e-commerce solution, built into a private login area for employees. This was built using WooCommerce which was tailored to create a ‘Priority Points’ pseudo currency that employees could spend in exchange for products in the shop.

Search Engine Optimisation Results

The website is optimized for Search Engines, specifically for ‘Drilling Ireland’,  ‘surface drilling ireland’, ‘underground drilling ireland’, ‘specialised drilling ireland’ – for these search terms the company is found on page one in Google search results.

Priority Drilling Homepage Design
Priority Drilling landing page layout
Priority Drilling Illustrations
Priority Drilling Employee Login