Ballycullane NS

The Problem

Ballycullane National School were in need of a completely new website as their old website had ceased functioning. This pointed to a need for professional website maintenance and support. Zofo Creative was very happy to assist the school in doing this.

An old outdated non-functioning website led to staff frustration while trying to update and edit it themselves. Parents also needed to be kept up to date with news and upcoming events, with a non-functioning website online communication with parents was poor.  This needed to change.

From a content perspective, the school archive section had grown too big over the years and needed to be better organised and categorised for easier usability.

Overall, a new vibrant dynamic website was needed to reflect the school, its approach and ethos.

Designed Solution

Collaboration Was Key

Sandra worked closely with a teacher in the school to achieve what they needed to do.

Responsive Website Design

The website resizes to accommodate different devices and screen sizes. The design is fun and colourful with a no-nonsense approach to content design and delivery. Information is easily accessed such as important school policy documents which are a requirement by Government. School activities and presented and important school date reminders are a helpful resource on the website’s homepage.

Platform and Technical Integration

The website design is built on the WordPress Content Management System, which gives the school the ability to update the website themselves. 

Search Engine Optimisation Results

The website is optimized for search engines and is now found correctly in Google page results.