Design Brief

Scurri needed a logo identity design and a promotional brochure. Rory the founder and CEO had definite ideas on what he wanted to achieve. Scurri’s online business is cloud-based so the identity design needed to suggest a cloud-based service.

The design of the promotional booklet needed to propose to prospective investors and clients what parcel delivery could be like for them if they used Scurri’s services. We created before and after scenarios to reflect ‘with and without Scurri’. Overall the brochure design had to clearly reflect and define what Scurri could do for prospective investors.

Designed Solutions

The Identity Design

Scurri’s logo identity design was designed to be adaptable. It needed to work with and without a cloud encasing it, therefore the typography of the company name ‘scurri’ was important. 

The logo was designed with strong visual typography encased in a light-reflective cloud shape. Since its inception, the design has been adapted to new colours to match the company’s evolving online web presence.

The Brochure Design

The brochure design has six pages, each one designed and laid out for a specific task. The first page shows infographics in circular format depicting ‘with and without Scurri’ scenarios. Simplicity is key for Scurri in all that they do, so it was important that this was reflected in the design of the infographics as well as the overall design of the brochure.

Sandra from Zofo Creative has been working with Scurri since we formed the company on various design projects. I find Sandra to be a very talented designer who is very particular about getting the detail right and delivering exceptional quality.  This is an admirable talent in a world where quick fixes have become the norm


Rory O’Connor CEO and Founder Scurri 

Scurri Promotional Brochure
Scurri Promotional Brochure
Scurri Promotional Brochure
Scurri Promotional Brochure